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Should you pick a property at prime location?

Pune’s real estate market has been attracting investors and buyers from across the nation owing to its remarkable appreciation and recent developments in the suburban locations that are now offering numerous residential property options for the buyers and the investors.

However, we all are aware of the fact that it is important for any investor to hold the property for a certain time period to extract profitable gains upon investment. This is certainly dependent on the scenario of  the real estate market of a particular city or location. In Pune, the numerous developments in IT industry and education industry have led to a steep rise in the value of properties, thereby giving out greater returns on investments. But, certain main city areas now do not offer many options in prime locations as there is hardly any space left. On the other hand, the surrounding areas of the city are now giving out great options to explore. These new home projects in Pune are now attracting buyers for the peaceful life they offer.

The properties range from budget homes to premium apartments in Pune.  We, at Prathamesh Constructions have managed for the buyers, some of the finely crafted apartments that offer cult status homes at prime location, Salisbury Park in Pune. It is none other than Prathamesh Gallardo that offers 2, 2.5, 3 and 4 BHK Apartments with 4 BHK Duplexes.

For investors, it makes sense to study the market in depth before investing in any new location as it is important to understand the demand currently and where it is headed. Not all will get an opportunity to invest in a property that is located centrally. Hence, a wise and informed decision is the need of the hour to plan for good ROIs.

And, the thing about buying a property for the end use at a prime location, nothing can beat that! Who doesn’t like the convenience at their doorstep?

Hence, either ways, prime location properties can help you reap benefits all your life.

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