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Make Use of Your Outdoor Space

Brandblog-04-Prathamesh-AugustWhether a balcony or verandah or a garden, outdoor spaces of the house, if designed thoughtfully can create a sublime look in the midst of chaos. While selecting flat in any of the ongoing projects in Nashik, check the space available, so that you can plan your outdoor décor.

If you love art décor, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try some artistic décor in your home. Rewind time and incorporate a little drama to your balcony.Metal panels that resemble an archway make the space look rich, you can incorporate them. Use potted plants in different sized brass pots to keep a seamless look. Depending on the space you can add a rug or an armchair to sit and relax. Brighten up the space with cushions or drapes in vibrant colours and prints.

If you love tranquillity, then oriental balcony décor can please your mind. Asian designs and themes that are largely inspired by nature can be incorporated while designing your balcony. Overwhelming elements such as bright flowers are an integral part of this décor theme. As water is an essential part too, a stream of water or a small water fountain will also do the needful. Depending on the space you can also use pebbles or small natural boulders.

You can also blend the modern and traditional style, to provide a transitional style to your balcony. Checkered flooring, traditional gold jaali panels and colourful drapes will make your balcony look different.

If your room is extended into balcony without any partition, then convertible space styling is ideal for your balcony. You can create an elevated seating area with comfortable cushions. Different wallpapers with soothing prints and curtains in light cotton or linen will turn your extended area a good looking one. To enhance the visual appeal of the space you could even place a rug.

As such there is no hard and fast rule to décor your favourite balcony space. However, just keep in mind that the balcony décor matches with the overall theme of your 1 or 2 BHK flat in Nashik. If you have more ideas to share, comment below!

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