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How to Thoughfully Illuminate Your Living Room?

Brandblog-03-Prathamesh-AugustRight lighting can make a room beautiful and lift the spirits. Apart from generic lighting designs you have many more choices to light up your new 1 or 2 BHK flat in Nashik. The living room is not only for receiving the guests. You can experiment more with the space and lighting. A little study will help you to be more creative and find the perfect lighting for your home. Well, in general, there are 4 kinds of lighting and here is the list of different kinds of lighting:

1)Decorative lighting: While talking about décor, this is probably the first kind of lighting, which many of us will think of. You could consider using decorative lamps and lights provided you have to decide the arrangement that whether the living area will be only for the guests or you want a reading space as well. A corner can be easily improved with small LED decorative lights or a decorative table lamp on the side table. For instance: if your décor is as Indian ethnic, then you can opt for decorative clay lamps or hurricane lamps.

2)Ambient lighting: It is the general lighting, which provides overall radiance. It is not meant to focus on a particular area, it illuminates the overall room. You can make it stunning by opting for ceiling lights or well-designed wall sconces.

3)Accent Lighting: Sometimes the pieces in the living area need to be highlighted among the other, for example the photographs or the exquisite art. Accent lighting is the best option for drawing attention towards that particular object in focus. And if your living room is large, accent lighting can also be used to emphasize on a specific region like seating area.

4) Task Lighting: Task lights provide extra illumination to carry out a specific work. Table lamps in the reading corner or pendant lights in the dining space are one of the popular examples of task lighting.

After buying flat in any of the residential properties in Nashik, check the space and plan the lighting décor accordingly. However, keep in mind the actual light and fixtures to craft the overall theme of the living room.

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